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Polyurethane anticorrosion coating
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1900 polyurethane conductive paint (packing)

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composition Two-component conductive oil-resistant finish formulated with hydroxyl-containing resin, polyisocyanate prepolymer, pigment filler, conductive agent, auxiliary agent, solvent, etc.
Performance The paint film is resistant to crude oil 95#/130# aviation gasoline, aviation kerosene, 40# engine oil, 12 gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil and other petroleum products, has no influence on the quality of the oil (gel quality ≤ 7mg/100m1) and has excellent protection Corrosion properties, physical and mechanical properties and decorative properties.
use It can be used as the protective and antistatic coating on the inner and outer surfaces of the oil tank, oil tank and oil tank.
colour Black, gray, white
Drying time Table dry: 2 hours, hard work: lO hours full cure: 7 days (25°C)
Painting method Brushing, spraying
Construction viscosity Brush for 25-40 seconds (coating -4 cups at 25°C)
Conductive index Pv<108Q.m,Ps<109Q
Theoretical use 90-100 g/m2
Coating thickness 25-30 microns/channel
Matching ratio Part A: Part B = 1:1 or 2:1 or 4:1
Painting interval temperature(℃) 0 15 25
Shortest(h) 12 8 4
longest(h) 48 24 16
Dilute agent Polyurethane thinner
Aging period 15-20 minutes
Applicable period 4-8 hours
Storage period 1 year
Construction Methods and Precautions
    In order to guarantee the construction quality and construction safety of the polyurethane anticorrosion coating, attention should be paid to the following points in the construction:
    1. Before the construction, the surface to be coated must be strictly treated so that the surface is free from rust, oil, and sandblasting on the surface of the steel. The Sa2.5 rating in the Standards for Grades of Corrosion and Derusting of the Steel Surface before Painting shall be applied. Use manual mechanical derusting to achieve grade st3.
    2. Welds on the surface of the steel should be free of welds, non-angular, smooth, and free of burrs.
    3. The rust-removed steel surface should be coated with a primer within 24 hours in order to avoid secondary rust.
    4. For cement walls, primer paints should be used first, then after group A and B are mixed, fillers are added and the mixture is put into thick paste instead of putty, and the cement walls are leveled and polished with sandpaper after 24 hours. Can be painted primer.
    5. The best construction conditions for the coating are temperature 0-35°C, relative humidity ≤85%, and no construction under conditions of rain, fog, snow, and large dust.
    6. The paint can be brush, roll, spray and other methods. Since different construction methods require different coating viscosity, special thinners should be used to adjust the viscosity of the coating. Water, alcohol, banana water, and gasoline must not be diluted.
    7. Polyurethane anti-corrosion coating is a "chemical reaction type" coating, which is divided into two-component packaging. Part A is divided into primer, intermediate paint and topcoat. Part B is its curing agent: Therefore, before use, both components must be prescribed. The weight proportion is weighed, mixed and mixed until it is matured for a specified period of time. The cured coating should be used within 4-8 hours.
    8. After the first lacquer is applied, it is better to wait for more than 24 hours before applying a second lacquer.
    9. After the paint is used, the lid of the packaging must be tightly sealed, otherwise it is susceptible to deterioration by moisture, alcohol, and water.
    10. The film was fully cured after seven days at room temperature.
    11. After the construction tool is used, clean it with xylene or special thinner.
    12. Paint is a dangerous product, so it should be stored in a cool, ventilated place, away from fire, heat, and fire. At the construction site, open flames are strictly prohibited and good ventilation conditions and reliable safety precautions should be taken to prevent poisoning and fire accidents.
    13. When construction is open, it is forbidden to knock with iron tools to avoid fire.
    14. The storage period of the paint is one year. After more than one year passed the inspection, it can still be used.
    15. The dosing and spinning parameters of the coating in the instructions are for reference when using the coating design.