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What is the difference between paint and latex paint

The family decorates cannot leave paint kind of product, to the owner that is decorating, Paint Coating we or more or less can have some understanding, but what does the distinction of paint and emulsioni paint have? You have no understanding, the following we have a look at what is the difference between them!

Introduction to paint and latex paint

1. Paint

Paint is a kind of oily paint, it is medium with organic solvent or high solid, solvent-free.

2. Emulsion paint

Emulsioni paint calls synthetic resin emulsion coating again, it is coating of a kind of character in water, basically be base material of emulsioni of synthetic resin to join pigment, filler and all sorts of auxiliaries to make up and become.

The difference between latex paint and paint

1, Solvent: emulsion paint is water as the solvent, does not contain organic solvents, whether in transportation and storage or construction use are non-toxic, there is no fire hazard.And the organic solvent high temperature paint with benzene and other toxic and harmful substances in the construction and later use are not conducive to environmental protection, the poisonous and harmful material after construction is finished can evaporate slowly, bring latent menace to human body health, paint is flammable article at the same time, also existing certain fire conceals suffer from.

2, Use: emulsioni paint is more convenient when using construction, generally speaking need to master simple besmear to brush skill to be able to undertake construction easily only, and the besmear of paint brushes need professional personnel commonly.

3, Effect: emulsioni paint has the advantages of fast drying speed, good air permeability, good water resistance, at the same time the elasticity and resistance to scrubbing degree is also very good, and the paint in the paint after the surface film hardness is better, at the same time in the touch and the effect of the look and feel is also better than the emulsioni paint.
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