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What is special paint, what does special paint have

What is special paint? Perhaps many people for special paint coating is not a lot of understanding, or even do not know what its use is, the following small series will lead you to understand.

What is special paint?

Special paint is a kind of paint coating relative to conventional paint.Generally has the special performance, has the essence difference with the traditional paint the new paint, applies in the special occasion, the special paint may entrust the object with each kind of special function.Different special paints have different characteristics.

The special needs of some products applied in special environment promote the research and development of special paint. In some cases, the protection performance of special paint is not its main use. In addition to the protection effect, this kind of alkyd amino paint also has some special needs to meet the needs of the coated product design.With the progress of modern science and technology, special paint with its unique performance to many products and equipment to give full play to the characteristics of a very broad market prospects and extremely important strategic significance.

Special coatings

What does special paint have?

One, anti-static special coating

The biggest effect of this kind of coating is used to prevent static electricity, the trouble of static electricity is a lot of people can have, also can produce in the building that lives, its effect eliminates the static charge that accumulates in surface material namely, in order to achieve the function that prevents static electricity to produce.This kind of coating also has classification, the reader can go according to him demand choose and buy.

Two, special fire coatings

This coating has the traditional coating of decorative and protective, besides, it itself has a kind of flame retardant, because its incombustible, it also known as fire retardant coating, its biggest feature is that it can in a short period of time to stop or slow down the combustion expand, allows people to have enough time to put out the fire.

Three, waterproof special coating

Say simply, its action is waterproof of course, but did not have really simple actually, its composition was to use material of a few modification, add material of a few fill to wait for all sorts of place to form, apply to the more damp place such as basement, toilet commonly.A waterproof layer with a certain thickness can be formed at room temperature. Prevent water from missing.

Above, it is the classification of special paint. Special paint is mainly used for buildings and some need to protect the items of anti-corrosion paint materials, can be used to smear some need to protect the cultural relics and wood furniture.The taste of special paint is relatively light, containing fewer chemical ingredients, can absorb solar energy and ultraviolet radiation, is a relatively expensive paint.Special paint can also be used to protect some easy to be air corrosion of the murals and metal, is the current use of a wide range of paint types.
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