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What are the hazards of paint?

What are the hazards of paint

1.  what is the harm of waterborne paint, paint caused by the skin of the organic solvents in the paint vapor can stimulate the mucous membrane of the eyes and make people cry.If the organic dissolvent in paint and skin contact, can dissolve skin grease and infiltrate into the organization, interference physiology function, dehydrate, bring about as a result of skin dry crack and infection dirt and bacterium.If the organic solvent contact with the skin epidermis, will cause the surface skin keratinolysis to cause the epidermis keratinization, stimulates the epidermis to cause the swelling and the bubble part.If paint solvent infiltrates into the body, it will destroy blood cells and bone marrow.

2. The harm that paint has what the harm that paint produces via respiratory system the organic dissolvent vapor of natural stone paint is inhaled through respiratory organ after human body, the person often can produce anaesthetic effect.After inhalation, most of the vapors are transported to the lungs through the enterprises, and then to other organs via blood or lymphatic fluid, resulting in varying degrees of poisoning.Often to respiratory tract, nervous system, lung, kidney, blood and hematopoietic system produce major poison.

3. The harm of paint what paint by the digestive system caused by the harm when people in the paint solvent vapor pollution places to eat, smoke, etc., the first victim for the mouth, into the esophagus and gastrointestinal, causing nausea, vomiting, and then in the digestive system, harm to other organs.

4.  What are the hazards of paint to the environment.

According to newest research data makes clear, the toluene in alkyd amino paint, after xylene enters atmosphere, can produce certain photochemical reaction, have certain destroy action to ozone layer.
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