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Water-based paint, you should know it here

The water-based paint is harmless to human body, does not pollute the environment, the marine boat paint film is plump, crystal clear, flexible and has the characteristics of water resistance, wear-resisting, aging resistance, yellowing resistance, fast drying and easy to use. Here's what you should know about water-based paint.

Development of paint

Paint already penetrates popular feeling in consumer, what a lot of consumer understand to paint is very little still, include a few sales paint the boss of 10 years is not very understanding to paint harm.The paint can only be checked in a month after painting, and the consumers think that the paint is not toxic at this time. Actually, this is wrong,no pungent odour is just that formaldehyde evaporates to a level acceptable to human physiology, while the benzene, toluene and free TDI contained in paint curing agents and diluents are still evaporating,these things take at least a few decades to fully evaporate, and these aromatics can have a major impact on the intellectual development of infants and unborn children,free TDI also carries a risk of cancer, and the use of paint has long been banned in developed European countries.

Stage of development

Generally speaking, the waterproof coating technology mainly experienced the following three stages:

The first generation of water-based paint is mainly made of acrylic acid.Its drawback is comprehensive performance is general, chemical performance is relatively low (for example, resistance to alcohol and alkali is poorer), the physical index such as hardness, wearability is low, this is also the reason that most people think that waterborne paint is bad.

The second generation of waterborne paint is made of acrylic acid and the compound of waterborne polyurethane,at the same time, also improved the hardness of water-based paint, but the chemical performance is still relatively low, at present, only a few domestic enterprises can produce, is the mid-range of water-based paint products.

Acrylic modified waterborne polyurethane is the main raw material of the third generation waterborne paint,the hardness of the pencil rule test can reach above 2H, which fully meets the daily needs. Wear-resisting property exceeds oily paint even, service life, colour is mixed respect has apparent advantage;More important is the stability of chemical performance, resistance to alcohol and alkali than the former two greatly enhanced, for the water-based architectural decoration paint in the high-grade products, the technology has been a few domestic and foreign manufacturers monopoly.

Although the water-based paint has the advantages such as good environmental protection film effect, there is a certain gap between the single-component water-based paint on the performance of hardness, high temperature resistance and the two-component oil paint.For example used in table and floor very easy to show its performance inadequacy. This functional flaw led to the development of water-based paints.

False two-component waterborne paints often appear on the market.Some of the small paint factories on the market began to roll out the so-called two-component waterborne paint, which is actually a paint improvement product,although its hardness and so on raised many, but its and common paint contain a lot of poisonous material like, disobey the original intention of water borne paint to protect the environment and human body health with the avirulent environmental protection.
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