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Tips for buying waterproof paint

Waterproof coating industry is divided into several types, their efficacy is also different, the choice of a certain skill to avoid being deceived by illegal traders.So, it is very important to choose waterproof coating correctly.

1,Where to waterproof must know

So which part of the family needs us to show off?Speak simply namely the metope ground of toilet, kitchen metope ground, the balcony ground that needs to set launching system.If you live in a layer, make a layer of waterproof, moisture-proof effect will be better.

The installation height of flower sprinkler and sprinkler of general toilet is in 1. About 8 meters, so the water should be made so high,Otherwise, it is difficult to make it waterproof, but only 1.5 meters is enough for the wall of the shower,of course, if you don't care about one or two hundred dollars, make it as waterproof as 1.8 meters.

How should the waterproof of the kitchen do?The key is to see which places are easy to have a relationship with water. Generally, it is recommended to turn 0.3 meters on the kitchen floor and wall for floor coating paint,the best waterproof layer is set 1.5 meters above the wall where the pot is placed.

2, although waterproof important, want to notice environmental protection more.

Waterproof is important, but environmental protection is more important.The waterproof coating is coating paint suppliers behind the tiles and cement, and we can't see it if it is environmentally friendly,but its harmful substance will slowly release through the cracks, so the air quality of our home will be good?Over time, the symptoms of physical discomfort are very bad for our physical health.

So, waterproof coating must go to normal manufacturer and building materials business that buy, had better choose to have famous brand name, pay attention to his qualification and so on proof.

3, the performance is different each has own good

According to the characteristics of our family members, there are four types of waterproof materials,acrylics, polyurethane and polymer polymers are also referred to as JS and flexible cement mortar, but each has its own characteristics.For example, polyurethane waterproof coating has good elasticity and extensibility,if we can see from the effect of forming waterproof film, the comprehensive performance of all kinds of coating is the most outstanding,but it has its own drawbacks: it is time constrained, takes a long time to build, and is expensive.

It is worth noting that there are many fake products with the brand of polyurethane in the market at present due to the good performance of the products.Most of them are not pure polyurethane, their environmental performance is not very good, but the price has come down, so you should pay attention to the choice;Acrylic waterproof coating, easy to construct, environmental protection, film performance is also better, the price is moderate, generally home waterproof will choose this kind of coating;JS is a kind of rigid and soft waterproof coating, which is convenient in construction, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It is also a kind of product that is generally recognized and recommended in home waterproof application.Waterproof mortar kind of coating paint suppliers, when it becomes waterproof film, its strength is high, and it combines well with the base layer at the same time,after construction can be pasted directly ceramic tile, save construction time more, and the price is also relatively more economic and practical,but its drawback is because belong to rigid waterproof material, do not suit the bridal chamber that may exist subsidence decorates.
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