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The tendency of coating industry analysis

In recent years, the potential of the coatings industry competition intensified, the paint coating industry adapt to the situation has been changed, derived the following seven big trends:

01 to enter the high-end product market

The personage inside course of study points out, through the observation research coatings market last year, and each big paint brand enterprises, the future whether first-line brand or emerging brand, is endeavoring to develop high-end coating product.On the other hand, with the continuous compression of rising costs and profits, enterprises increased pressure.Therefore, the research and development profits larger high-end products of choice for many companies.

02 to the principle of quality and service consumption change of the pattern

No matter how society changes, quality and service as a product of consumption's two most important consideration factor, for consumers is difficult to change.Consumer consumption idea change, make consumers when coating of choose and buy, while in the practical value of the products for its excellent after-sale services, and the same attention.The point of consumption, they need to enterprise producers must improve productivity, enhance the actual market competitiveness of the product, improve the high temperature paint in the market competition environment.

03 focus on brand management

Paint industry has remained relatively rapid development in recent years, this also means that the industry increasingly fierce competition, pay attention to brand construction is very important.At present, there have been a little more advanced consciousness of enterprises began to pay attention to this piece, build the brand characteristics, improve the product visibility.

04 strengthening the Internet marketing

With the continuous development of the Internet, coating industry needs to break through the traditional marketing model, pay more attention to the network marketing,with the aid of new media to enhance the brand publicity, increase the consumer's perception of the brand.

05 customization demand

Personality customization has become a boom in other industry, coating industry should learn experience.Especially after 80, 90, has become the leading consumer, after the demand for personalized is bound to increase.So, custom products will be the future trend of development.

06 innovation difference degree of ascension

Coating industry faces problems, homogeneity, let consumer often at a loss when buy.As a result, the fireproof paint for steel companies need more innovation in the future, can also do fine on development strategy, to do big, to seek strength on the degree of differentiation.

07 consumption focus on green environmental protection

The seventh is also the most crucial point, that is, in the case of strongly focused on environmental protection, make people in the protection of the environment at the same time also began to consider themselves more security.Therefore, environmental safety of coating products for people began to give more attention. Coating industry should be more in the production of environmental protection, health products.

Only do this at 7 o 'clock, can attract more consumers, to the brand to do strongly does, can let the industry to achieve sustainable and healthy development.Around the construction of affordable housing and industrial production for the need of waterborne paint, not only for water paint to create a good market environment, also for the water paint technology innovation created prerequisites.
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