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Ten series of paint for decoration materials

Paint this kind of decorate material, it is the last working procedure that decorates commonly.The stand or fall that brushes lacquer affects household life directly.Today Kailin Advanced Material Co.,Ltd - small make up to introduce you to paint.

Paint is a chemical mixture of paint that can be firmly applied to an object's surface for protection, decoration, marking, and other special purposes.The authoritative book of coating technology in China is defined as follows:"Coating is a material that can be coated on the surface of an object using different construction techniques to form a solid, continuous, solid film with a certain strength. The film thus formed is called coating film, also known as paint film or coating.Organic chemical macromolecular material, the formed coating is a type of macromolecular compound.According to modern classification of chemical products, Marine Boat Paint belongs to fine chemical products.Modern paint is gradually becoming a kind of multi-functional engineering materials, is an important industry in the chemical industry.Paint is viscous oily pigment, not dry case flammable, insoluble in water, slightly soluble in fat, soluble in alcohol, aldehyde, ether, benzene, alane, soluble in gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil.

Paint is divided into wood paint, interior paint, exterior paint, fireproof paint for steel, floor paint, multi-color paint, true stone paint and other categories.Decorate in different places to use different paint.Paint contains harmful VOC (volatile organic compounds), and the lower the VOC content, the more environmentally friendly the paint.In decorating a process we must choose environmental protection paint, can reduce the harm to our body so.True green paint should be water - based, non - toxic and tasteless. After brush, not easy split, and resistant to scrubbing.

The choice of paint in decorating a process is very important, we must see clearly this kind of decorate material, choose environmental protection paint as far as possible, do not go covet cheap, bring about gain to lose finally.
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