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Simple and effective insulation material - glass exterior wall glass roof insulation paint

Glass curtain wall is a new type of wall in modern times. The larger characteristic it endows to architecture is the organic unity of architectural aesthetics, architectural function, architectural energy saving and architectural structure and other factors.But according to Kailin heat insulation paint coating engineer perennial measurement in the hot summer, glass curtain wall diathermy can reach 70% of the sun's heat, sunlight can still through the glass curtain wall, indoor temperature rise feeling indoor sultry, human body comfortable feeling poor, low energy saving effect.

Glass roof and glass room heat insulation performance is poor, heat insulation performance of glass daylighting roof refers to the skylight ceiling exists inside and outside air temperature conditions, the glass heating temperature from one side to the low temperature heat transfer ability, and solar heat transmission and absorption to the inside of the heat transfer capability is strong, after causing glass roof and glass heat insulation performance is poor.

According to the above glass curtain wall, glass room, glass roof heat insulation performance is poor, the solution is to replace the thermal conductivity of LOW glass or other three layers of glass, but the cost is high, cumbersome replacement; Second, reduce the amount of glass, increase the use of opaque materials, improve heat insulation, but not beautiful;Third is to brush zs-311 glass inorganic coating, increase the thermal reflectivity of glass and reduce the thermal conductivity of glass;Fourth, the use of more advanced air circulation system, laminated glass to effectively use heat and avoid heat loss; Fifth, the glass paste heat reflection film, the cost is high;

But simple and effective or besmear brushs ZS-311 glass is adiabatic coating, handy effect is good, coating of glass adiabatic coating passes spraying, dip besmear to wait for means of besmear, form a transparent, smooth and firm high polyurea coating quickly in vitreous surface.Zs-311 glass insulation coating should not only have good hardness, adhesion, temperature resistance, solvent resistance, freeze-thaw resistance and other conventional properties of coating, but also rely on the addition of nano Al2O3, nano TiO2 and other metal oxides to strengthen the reflection function of near infrared band above 780nm.Kailin zs-311 glass thermal insulation coating can be divided into solvent-based coating and water-based coating. Among them, zs-311 glass insulation coating solvent glass insulation coating appeared earlier, and because of its good coating effect and adhesion, and achieved good results.

Glass insulation coating is used in the sun's insolated parts all year round. therefore, in order to indirectly reflect the service life of the material, uv aging was carried out on 8 kinds of glass insulation natural stone paint in the market.The q-uv UV aging apparatus was selected in the experiment. The sample was irradiated at the wavelength of 340nm 0.68w /m2 for 240h. After irradiation, the glass thermal insulation coating was applied. Zs-311 glass insulation coating does not appear powder, fall off and other phenomena, 1mm grid method adhesion damage level is 0.Glass heat insulation coating can effectively protect glass curtain wall, glass roof and glass room, reduce heat absorption, reduce the influence of heat energy and increase human body comfort.
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