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Selection of art coatings and methods of color matching

Choose coating to be had knowledge very much actually, because different area, different climate characteristic, different base, even different besmear brushs a place, the type that chooses paint coating also can have corresponding change.This article enumerates a few commonly used in decorating a few rules, for everybody draw lessons from.

(1) The substrate is wood material, the selection of non-alkaline wood coating;

(2) The base is cement and concrete, it is appropriate to choose alkali resistance and strong hiding power of wall coating;

(3) Hot and rainy areas, to choose waterproof and mildew resistant coating performance;

(4) Winter low temperature areas, to choose good freeze-thaw resistance coating.

As a result of polyurea coating function and the diversity of type, add what decorate demand and design element to differ, still have a lot of difference and cannot copy hard cover, because this is differ, lest misdirect everybody.

                    Paint color matching

The integral color scheme that contemporary decorates, of its administrative levels rich, bold degree is afraid is a lot of people unimaginable.But still have to follow the "integral coordination, partial contrast" rule.Therefore, here only for you to introduce some relatively popular, harmonious and comfortable style of paint color matching skills, in order to apply in the actual decoration.

(1) In order to avoid giving people a top-heavy forehead of instability, the natural stone paint color of the house from the ceiling to the ground, the color should be from shallow to deep gradual change process, can also refer to the natural environment of color change;

(2) Color matching should be done according to the dimness and needs of the functional area. For example, if the kitchen is dim, it is better to choose bright and warm colors to create visual comfort. The living room has better lighting conditions and can be balanced with cool colors.

(3) Try not to use more than three colors of paint, only need to add water on the basis of the original color dilution, you can get a variety of different brightness or saturation color;

(4) In order to create the best sense of visual space, if the floor height is too low, the top should choose cool color tone to avoid looking depressed feeling, otherwise, it should be appropriate to choose warm colors to avoid empty feeling;

(5) For different rooms, different color schemes can be selected. For rooms connected together, it is suggested to choose the same color scheme in order to maintain overall harmony.
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