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Requirements for construction of epoxy floor paint

Construction requirements:

1. The temperature required for paint coating environment should be 8-35c.

2. Do not apply on the substrate with moisture or temperature higher than 400c.

3. Construction is prohibited in rainy days and should be covered within 24 hours after construction.

4. Construction is prohibited when the wind speed is below grade 5.

5. During the construction interval, soak the tool with clean water and clean it with clean water after the construction.

6. The product has a strong adhesion, so once contaminated with skin or clothing, should immediately use water and detergent to clean, such as splash into the eyes, should immediately use a large number of water rinse, and ask the doctor for treatment.

7. Corresponding protective tools shall be equipped during construction. Putty for ceramic tile surface of exterior wall this product conforms to Q/soao22-2002 standard.Apply to the renovation project of the surface of building tile or Mosaic, form the inorganic coating of high intensity after batch besmear, produce double protective action to wall body.

Product features: this product has strong adhesion and can form polyurea coating with ceramic tile or Mosaic surface.
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