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Quality inspection of fire retardant coating

Quality inspection

1. A preliminary inspection can be made on the spot for the quality of the products:2~3 small samples are cut from the base material that has been prepared, or a small amount of samples are applied on 2~3 pieces of 150mm 150mm plywood, and the samples are brushed according to the actual construction situation.When dry, check with the flame of an alcohol lamp. The flame height is about 40mm, the time to apply the flame is generally 20min, check the coating foaming.Under normal circumstances, according to the specified amount (generally 500 grams/square meters) construction, the bubble layer thickness of the first class fireproof coating is more than 20mm, the bubble layer thickness of the second class fireproof paint for steel is more than 10mm, the bubble layer should be uniform and dense.

2. Qualified high temperature paint in the torch and other strong fire burning, there will be a large number of foam expansion, surface aggregation convex, a few minutes will not appear burning damage phenomenon, and counterfeit and shoddy fire coatings are basically not foam, will appear a large number of scattered slag, wood substrates also burn quickly.

3. Check whether the product has the qualified inspection report issued by the national fire control quality inspection center, or check online. Fire coatings to implement the national mandatory product certification system, the market sales of fire coatings should have the national mandatory product certification certificate and type inspection report.

4. In actual use, in order to ensure the fire prevention and other performance of inorganic coating, generally need to use transparent coating. The dosage of fireproof coating is 350~500 grams/square metre commonly, the dosage of overburden coating is 50 grams/square metre commonly.
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