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Precautions for paint construction in winter

Winter decoration paint coating construction: the construction process

1. Remove dust and dirt from wood products and lines (wood base).

2. Finish the burrs, hatchbacks and other defects on the surface of the wood base, and polish them with sand leather to make the edges and corners neat.

3. With oil putty (or transparent putty) for scraping, polishing, repair putty after polishing (with varnish first fill brown eyes, nail eyes, do local repair color work).

4. Apply the first coat of paint, refill the putty, and remove the surface dust after polishing.

5. Apply the second coat of paint, remove the dust on the surface after polishing, and then use the sand for water grinding to repair the oil hanging part.

6. Apply the third coat of paint until the desired effect is achieved.

Winter decoration anti-fouling paint construction: construction method

General home installs paint construction means to basically have brush besmear, roll besmear, spray to wait a moment, these construction means have length respectively, should take what each needs.

Roller coating is suitable for large areas of construction, the efficiency is higher than brush coating, but there will be such as pockmarked fishskin effect.This construction method is not popular with those who do not like pockmarks.Moreover, roller coating costs nearly 20% more than brush coating, artificially increasing the cost.

Brush painting is a kind of artificial brush painting, is a common construction method.The advantage of brush besmear method is to save paint, tool is simple, construction is convenient, easy to master, flexibility is strong and the adaptability to paint breed is strong also, can be used at general paint.Nevertheless, the drawback that brushs besmear method is manual operation labor intensity is big, efficiency is low, do not suit at quick drying oil paint, if the operation is not skilled, the action is not agile, paint film can produce the blemish that brushs mark, current hangs, besmear is brushed unevenly.

Spraying is divided into two kinds, one is gas spraying, one is high-pressure airless spraying;Gas spraying will leave a lot of bubbles on the wall, although the construction speed is fast, but the effect will be very poor, do not recommend the use of indoor.High pressure airless spraying has just become popular in China in recent years, but in foreign countries, high pressure airless spraying interior and exterior latex architectural decoration paint has been widely used.Its specific construction method is to use a special high-pressure airless spray coating machine, the obtained high-pressure paint through high-pressure hose transport to the spray gun, through the spray gun release pressure form atomization, thus forming a smooth and dense coating on the wall surface.

Winter decoration paint construction: quality acceptance

Winter home paint construction quality of the simplest acceptance method:Take flashlight along the wall irradiation, in the stronger flat light, any cracks, concave uneven are clear at a glance, if where the construction is not in place can be immediately repaired.
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