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Paint construction stage foundation treatment is originally exquisite still not small

The metope that decorates crack prevention processing is the most foundation, also be the most crucial. Some joints and some joint places, often easy to crack.For example, the joints between wall and structural middle beams and columns require multiple procedures to finish the treatment of the basic wall.

The groove is treated with kraft paper and linen to prevent cracking

The new decoration of the house groove seam if not handled well will be easy to crack, once cracking will affect the quality of the paint coating construction

Plasterboard seams with linen to prevent cracking

A lot of families are decorated this step did not do well, often can appear plasterboard juncture place to appear crack, although be in later period repair, also can appear the phenomenon of repeated crack. This will cause a lot of inconvenience to later life.

Make sure that the inner corner is straight at 90 degrees

This is one of the important basic processing steps of high temperature paint stage, imagine oneself if appear in the home the concavoconvex concavoconvex of metope Yin Yang corner, that much ugly!

Self - tapping screws on anti-corrosion paint to prevent rust

It is easy to rust if you do not apply anti-rust paint on gypsum board self-tapping screw, and self-tapping screw plays an important role in the stability of gypsum board and ceiling. Once the screw rusts, the consequences will be unimaginable!

Whole house USES fibrous network to do prevent craze processing

When the weather is hot and the environment is dry, the wall is liable to crack, but if the fiber mesh is used to prevent cracking before painting, the probability of this problem can be greatly reduced.

The inner corner is treated with the inner corner

Each metope has Yin and Yang Angle, the past practice is pure artificial, see a worker level with putty direct leveling, but the worker's individual level is different, handicraft is unskilled achieve horizontal and smooth upright, and exposed Yang Angle is easy to knock against.

Paint treatment of positive Angle

The penis is implanted to prevent collision and fall off and keep the penis straight. Have profit to later period move in, and PVC yin-yang corner can with putty very good agglutinate, have the effect of beautiful with protecting yin-yang corner.

More importantly, it saves the cost of maintenance after a crash. Why not?
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