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Jinling Coating's Mid-Year 2017 Work Summary and Marketing Conference Meeting

On July 28, 2017, Jinling Coating's 2017 mid-term work summary and marketing conference was successfully held in Luzhou, Taizhou. Chairman Dai Haixiong, Vice Chairman Yan Zhibing, Chief Consultant Yan Darong, General Manager Li Xingren and other representatives of Jinling Coatings, Jinling Coatings, Jinling Institute, Jinling New Materials Company and various departments attended the meeting.
The meeting lasted for two days. The content of the meeting on the 28th was a summary of the work and planned deployment. The director of the administrative center, Suo Yang, presided over the meeting. The main theme of the conference was to focus on the third series of "New Jinling" culture: 1. Consistently promote "one wish": to create the first brand of national anti-corrosion coatings, the top three in China's industrial coatings, and the "two increase" service: Three times in three years, strive to increase by 30% every year. 3. Implement “three highs”: high incentives, high demands, high pressures. 4. Construct “four new”: new culture, new mechanism, new style, and new appearance 5. Strengthen “ "Five reforms": Organizational reforms, management reforms, institutional reforms, remuneration reforms, and performance reforms. 6. Linking "six-powers": talents, science and technology, cost, quality, channels, and service.
In the morning, the video “Sword Spirit” was first played at the conference. Chairman Dai Haixiong made a speech at the conference. He first affirmed the achievements of the departments of Jinling Coatings in the first half of the year and encouraged everyone to brave themselves and their team with the spirit of the sword. Facing difficulties and overcoming difficulties, we united as one to complete our annual goals. Then the chairman Dai Haixiong's poem “In the first half of 2017, are you tired? "(see Appendix), Jinling people's sweat and achievements, bitterness and return, I hope everyone will work together for the Jinling dream, Jinling will be better. Next, Dai Haixiong, Chairman of the Board of Directors, conducted a detailed analysis of Jinling Coating's operating conditions in the first half of 2017, the completion of key work, the completion of major business indicators, and the status of management work, and conducted a thorough analysis of existing problems and shortcomings. At the same time, starting from the working ideas, key project plans, and the required resources support, we issued new Jinling work goals, priorities, and requirements. Then Li Xingren, the general manager, and Qi Zhifang, the deputy general manager separately carried out a detailed analysis and elaboration of the work in charge, and made plans for the work plan for the second half of the year.

At the training meeting, general manager Li Xingren gave a detailed explanation of the basic knowledge of coatings and supporting design principles. Lin Biao, director of the Quality Management Center, gave detailed answers to the coatings industry standards, product technical indicators, and commonly used supporting systems; on-site technical support The service department engineer Wang Zilong explained the principle of corrosion protection to the trainees and how to perform surface treatment and construction. Wu Feng, the manager of the field technical support service department, used the actual case to analyze the defects of the paint film and the common problems of the paint construction. At the training meeting, all of you benefited from the way they communicated and learned from each other by asking questions and answering questions.

The summary of Jinling Coating's mid-2017 work and the successful holding of the marketing conference improved the cohesiveness of the Jinling team and expanded the influence of Jinling Coatings. In such a period of rapid transformation and development, Jinling Coatings will set sail with the help of the “New Jinling” cultural and new style, with a dream to a new splendor!
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