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Is paint colorless and tasteless, really healthy?

Formaldehyde pollution is listed as the most serious hazard in home decoration. A lot of consumer think, formaldehyde is the biggest volatilizer, be paint actually.More friend expresses, paint flavour is bigger, the formaldehyde that place volatilizes also is more, and formaldehyde smell is smaller, the formaldehyde that its place volatilizes also is less, the harm that place produces also is small.In fact, this is a cognitive error, the choice of paint coating health, from many aspects.

Misperception one, heavy price and neglect quality

A lot of people are in when lacquer of metope of choose and buy, very easy walk into heavy price and neglect quality error.Some people think that the higher the paint price, the better, so select the time to find the most expensive buy, but the experimental results show that is not the case.Another kind of extreme consumer is in order to save money, buy when the price is lower the better, so money saved a lot of, but later the metope quality and indoor environment are worrying.Because this suggests everybody is being considered as far as possible, the quality that notices metope lacquer, choose the big brand with credit commonly.

Second, repackaging and ignoring the inner

When consumer chooses emulsioni paint, general meeting sees its package, this is very necessary. But it is important to note that the quality of the thermal insulation reflective coating is not always good.In order to attract customers, some manufacturers make great efforts in product packaging, deliberately exaggerated product performance.Therefore, consumers are advised to pay attention to other aspects besides the product packaging, such as checking the detailed inspection report of the product.

Error 3, color card and metope color are completely consistent

A lot of consumer think the paint color on color card and the color that brush on the wall are completely consistent, this is an error.Because the light is reflected wait for a reason, after the 4 walls of the room are painted, metope color can look than on color card dark.The color that consumer sees on color card and the actual color after polyurea coating wall can have difference normally.Because this suggests consumer is in color card when choosing color, had better choose him to like the color of a little shallow one, if like brunet metope, can with choose color card color attune becomes consistent.

Mistake 4, do not estimate the amount of paint in advance

A lot of consumer did not estimate to use paint in advance, afraid bought paint less, the time that choose and buy is always more good.Caused the waste of material possibly so, increased the cost that the home installs, accumulate excessive coating to construction safety to also cause certain effect at the same time.So consumer is suggested before construction, must see the area of construction area, estimate the amount that buys material thereby.A relatively simple method to estimate the amount of paint needed to apply one coat (L) =(wall area x2.5)/ brush area per liter of paint.

Myth 5. No smell is environmentally friendly

A lot of people judge the safety of metope paint by smell odour, think low odour or no odour metope paint is environmental protection.This is a big myth. Because odour can be achieved through the addition of essence or use of low-flavor materials, odor-free coatings are not all environmentally friendly and non-toxic.Judge the environmental protection sex of metope lacquer most professional method is to see if its environmental protection index accords with a standard. There are three key environmental indicators of wall paint: VOC, free formaldehyde and heavy metals.
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