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Introduction to the properties of 10 common anticorrosive paints

Anticorrosive paint is generally used in harsh corroding environments, including primer and topcoat matching.Anticorrosive paint has the characteristics of non-toxic and environmental protection. It also has the functions of waterproof, dustproof and burning.Simply put, antiseptic paint is paint that has a longer life and can be adapted to a more demanding environment.

The following describes the performance of the 10 most common anticorrosive paints on the market.

1. Alkyd resin paint

Paint film is not aging, weather resistance is general, mainly used for indoor steel structure and not high requirements of outdoor (enamel) finish.Gloss, flexibility, good abrasion resistance, durable, spray and brush coating, roller coating, self-drying and low-temperature drying, low price, good construction performance.

2. Epoxy resin paint

The main film-forming material is epoxy glass phosphorus or modified epoxy resin, which has excellent adhesion and chemical resistance,good alkali resistant coating hard, mainly used for corrosion resistant coating,for example, large chemical equipment, storage tank, pipeline, inner and outer wall coating,it can also be used on non-metallic surfaces, as well as on electrical appliances, pipes and instruments used in hot and humid conditions.

3. Inorganic zinc rich paint

Using inorganic silicate and zinc powder to form a dense protective layer, dry film with cathodic protection,salt fog resistance, humidity resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, humidity resistance up to 400 degrees, water as solvent, no fire risk.

4. Inorganic zinc silicate primer

The organic silicate was cross-linked with zinc powder and organic resin to form zinc silicate coating under the action of catalyst,the thinner is alcohol with less pollution, and the film has excellent anti-rust function.Suitable for ship bay facilities, Bridges, etc., also used as primer for steel structure workshop, quick drying.

5. Rubber paint

With synthetic rubber and its derivatives as the main film material of a class of coatings, has good chemical resistance, water resistance and durability.

6. Asphalt paint (epoxy type)

The paint is quick to dry, has excellent water resistance, alkali resistance and chemical resistance, and has good wet adhesion,used for underground pipeline anti-corrosion, convenient construction, low price, but not oil, not sun exposure.

7. High chlorinated polyethylene

The paint has good water resistance and corrosion resistance, water vapor and oxygen penetration of the high chlorinated polyethylene anticorrosion paint film is low,it has certain acid and alkali resistance, quick drying, excellent interlayer adhesion and convenient maintenance.

8. Acrylic paint

Acrylic resin as the main film - forming material of a class of coatings, with excellent gloss,good light and color retention, chemical resistance, and outstanding tri-proof (moisture-proof, salt spray proof, mildew proof) function.

9. Polyurethane paint

A class of coatings with polyurethane as main film forming material,good abrasion resistance, excellent chemical resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance, bright and full paint film.Aromatic curing agents used to resist polyurethane are mainly used in interior decoration. High grade polyurethane (used as aliphatic curing agent) is mainly used outdoors, with excellent weather resistance.

10. Fluorocarbon coating

Fluorine resin of fluorocarbon coating contains more electronegative fluorine elements and strong fluorocarbon bond energy. The fluorocarbon paint has special excellent performance.High weathering resistance (over 15 years), heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, gloss retention, color retention, non-powder, non-shedding, anti-scrubbing, good construction performance.
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