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Interior wall paint selection tips

Interior wall coating is an outfit paint must be used in the paint, the most common is the emulsioni paint, but with the development of technology, interior wall paint coating is not only a kind of latex paint, such as new sexual fangci paint, art and colorful paint, texture paint, etc., although various fundamental purposes are to decorate metope, but there are many different kinds of interior wall how to choose?

1. Observe the concentration of interior wall paint

The interior wall coating not only has the function of decorating the home wall, but also has the function of protecting the wall. Even the advanced interior wall coating has the function of fire prevention, waterproof and anticorrosion. But there's a premise to all of this, that needs coating firm adherent go up in metope namely, and the adhesion of interior wall coating is decided by interior wall concentration, the adhesion of coating of interior wall viscosity effect coating, concentration is too high influence coating construction difficulty, too low coating adhesion is poor, need to control in certain limits, should observe concentration of interior wall coating when buying so.

2. Check the inspection report of interior wall coating

The technical indicators in the inspection report directly indicate the indicators of the interior wall inorganic coating. We need to check whether it is qualified by comparing with the national standards, among which the more important indicators are: volatile organic compounds (VOC), ratio (white and light), brushing resistance, formaldehyde content, heavy metal ratio (soluble mercury, lead, chromium, cadmium), paint drying time, low temperature stability, alkali resistance, etc.

3. Check the hiding power of interior wall paint

Interior wall coating decorates metope to need to conceal the color that drops metope originally, such metope can have new color after decorating and reveal different style, so interior wall coating has very high requirement to cover force.The inferior interior wall paint with low price often daub a lot of times still cannot conceal original metope color, the metope color that causes to brush comes out is uneven, the actual effect picture that needs to view coating when choosing interior wall coating so, choose interior wall coating according to actual effect.

4. Check whether the inner wall paint has washing resistance

Interior wall coating whether to have be able to bear or endure washs brushability also is an important standard that inspects quality of interior wall coating, the interior wall polyurea coating with good quality is daubed on the wall after drying, still can wash surface of wall body with water and won't fade, the ability that this kind withstands water to wash and brush the ability that try is called coating is able to bear washs brushability.The method that checks coating of interior wall to be able to bear or endure is very simple, that is to immerse coating in water namely, the coating with better property resists water to erode time to grow more.So when everybody is buying, must check coating to be able to bear or endure washing to brush a gender, buy the inside wall coating with excellent public praise as far as possible, avoid to bring damage to metope as a result of weather moisture in the future.

5. Check the shelf life of interior wall coating

Each interior wall coating has a shelf life, attention to don't be bad when buying the interior wall coating of shoddy, but some in the warranty period of interior wall coating will also appear quality problem, because of the bad storage environment can also lead to paint deterioration, so be sure to open check coating, to see whether there is the phenomenon such as accumulation, mildewy, agglomerate.

Interior wall coating is the titanium nano coating with the most amount in household decorating, avoid to buy inferior coating as far as possible, bring needless loss to oneself. Besides, reasonable use the construction method of interior wall coating, raise the utilization rate of coating, decorate the metope that gives him intention.
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