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How to discern furniture of water - based lacquer? Is waterborne coating toxic?

Alleged do not have benzene to do not become paint, the paint coating that decorates place to use contains benzene this kind of harmful material,many people are so think, coating of ability in swimming also can be used as furniture, so how to discern furniture of lacquer of ability in swimming? Is water borne coating toxic after all?

How to discern furniture of water - based lacquer?

1. Really water-based paint, whether it is the main agent or curing agent, open tank after no smell or as long as a slight smell;

2. Really water-based paint, dilute with tap water, such as the need for diluent or alcohol to dilute, it must not be;

3. Water-based paint, attributed to non-risk chemicals, false two-component, often flammable goods;

4. Environmental protection index: rich in benzene, heavy metal and VOC.

Is waterborne coating toxic?

Water paint is a paint that USES water as a thinner. It has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, non-combustible and non-explosive, ultra-low emission, low-carbon health, etc., and the film is full, flexible, water-resistant, wear-resistant, aging-resistant, yellow-resistant, easy to use, and can be widely used in wood and metal. Industrial coatings, plastics, glass, architectural surfaces and many other materials.There are three types of water-based paints: Water-soluble type (water-soluble type is made of water-soluble resin); Water dilution type (water dilution type refers to the paint prepared by emulsifying emulsion as film-forming substance); Water dispersion type (water dispersion type mainly refers to the synthetic resin emulsion as a film composition of the paint). Water-based paint and waterborne paint are the same thing.

1. With water as the solvent, save a lot of resources; Eliminate the fire risk during construction; Reduced air pollution; Water-based varnish, high environmental protection, low smell, no danger in operation, also do not have strong exciting odour, safe environmental protection.

2. The coating film has good heat resistance, wear resistance and drug corrosion resistance.It has almost the same coating properties as solvent based polyurethane varnish, can maintain the long time tenacious coating effect.

3. Strong heat resistance can be coated on the surface of the table are placed with the boiling water pot (namely can resistance to temperature of 100 ℃), besmear in the place such as floor at the same time can also play its strong scratch silicone epoxy heat resistant primer.

4. It is the polyurethane varnish that does not become yellow, encounter ultraviolet ray and visible light to also won't become yellow polyurethane varnish, besmear brushs on white face also won't flood yellow.

5. With anti-skid function, also suitable for painting and brushing stairs and corridors.
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