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How does curtain cloth achieve fire prevention with high temperature coating

Due to the improvement of the decoration degree of modern buildings, the number of electrical appliances, power lines, and personnel density in the building increase the probability of building fire.If the building fire, how to avoid and building flammable goods fire prevention, is the rationalization of modern building structure and people's awareness of fire prevention.At the same time, Kailin high temperature coating experts said, especially after the building fire inside the building curtains and other flammable cloth to achieve fire resistance, which is not an important factor to expand the building fire.

Building fire retardant coating has two kinds, it is fire retardant coating, 2 it is fire retardant coating, this is two different concepts.Building fire slows down the spread of flame propagation speed, or in a certain period of time can prevent combustion, this kind of coating is called flame retardant coating.Building fire retardant coating is used for flammable substrate surface, can reduce the flammability of the surface of the coated material, the rapid spread of fire retardant retardation, to improve the fire resistance of the coated material limit of a special coating, like 1051 high temperature oxidation retardant coating.Apply to the surface of combustible base material to change the combustion characteristics of the surface of material and prevent the rapid spread of fire; Or applied to building components, in order to improve the fireproof limit of the components of the special coating, said fire coatings.

The requirements of technical upgrading working conditions, building fire retardant coating requirements of technical upgrading, especially both fire retardant coating, and is transparent colorless coating. Zs-1051 high temperature resistant transparent flame retardant coating produced by Kailin Advanced Material Co.,Ltd. is a kind of nano transparent flame retardant coating with advanced technology according to the market demand, using high purity silicate series solution, joined the fine machining of ultramicro inorganic metal oxides and composition, heat-resistant up to 1800 ℃, the fireproof paint for steel is completely transparent, without any smell in room temperature and high temperature. Paint brush in the building kitchen table, floor, curtains, sofas, carpets, etc. can be sprayed zhisheng high temperature resistant transparent coating to achieve fire prevention and flame retardant fire requirements, coating colorless without any VOC production.If the curtain passes besmearing brush Kailin zs-1051 to be able to endure high temperature transparent coating, curtain cloth won't burn in any flame, it is people protection life safety, fire prevention is flame-retardant, the ideal choice of nip in the bud.

In the actual work, it is found that the flame retardant supervision of all kinds of decorative materials in the fire protection law enforcement is still in the "age of experience".Some places of entertainment are not on a variety of combustible decoration flame retardant treatment, its awareness of fire prevention is not strong, and some fire coatings prices on the high side, flame retardant effect is not good is the bottleneck.In recent years, through the application of Kailin zs-1051 high-temperature transparent flame retardant titanium nano coating, China's fireproof material technology has been greatly improved, especially in the green, new and high-tech content of fireproof material, has made great progress, the comprehensive performance of fireproof material has been greatly improved, improve the building fire rating.
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