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Five tips for choosing wood lacquer

Five tips for choosing wood lacquer! As the name suggests, lacquer of wooden implement is to protect the marine boat paint of wooden implement, make wooden implement not easy suffer corrode.Family is decorated in, the use of lacquer of wooden implement is very common, so the brand category of lacquer of wooden implement on the market is so much, how should we choose?

1. Certificate viewing

When lacquer of wooden implement of choose and buy, want to be normal brand only, have product qualification certificate commonly, environmental protection certificate and detect report.General environmental high temperature paint, on the packaging will be China's environmental products certification mark.There will also be a test report issued by a third party for wood lacquer with qualified product quality,before the consumer chooses, can ask the businessman to issue check report,check whether the free TDI and benzene indicators are within the environmental indicators requirements.

2. Transparency

Most wood lacquer brands will provide samples in the store,consumer can observe the colour and lustre of model, diaphaneity, good woodware lacquer, connect fully sex is high, have burnish,Not only can highlight the texture structure of wood, but also has the function of modifying the plate.And inferior quality is besmear on plank can send white, plank grain is turbid and not clear.

3. Choose according to use

In addition to water - based, oil, wood coatings can also be specific divided into lacquer, varnish, nitrocellulose lacquer, polyurethane paint, polyester paint, UV- curing wood paint and so on,and different paint function, use somewhat different.For instance will wooden floor asks hard wear-resisting, can choose polyurethane lacquer;Wooden handicraft requires light and thin lacquer surface, highlighting wood texture, delicate and smooth tentacles, nitrocellulose lacquer can be selected, and so on.

4. Personally test

No matter which kind of wooden implement lacquer, have two basic requirements, be resistant to change yellow and fight an impact namely.When choosing wood lacquer, can want to come model, slip back and forth with fingernail or card paper in model surface, see if lacquer face has crack.Then hit the sample with a small hammer to see if the surface paint coating is cracked or deformed.If the paint film is intact, the wood paint quality is good!

5. Touch

Good wood lacquer, painted on the board,the plate feels delicate, bright and clean, plump and smooth, without the feeling of stagnation and astringency of paint film,and inferior woodwork lacquer cannot achieve above effect not only, still may contain impurity, lacquer film surface may still have grain sense!
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