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Detection method allows you to discern between true and false of anticorrosive coatings

Anticorrosive coatings play a important role in the paint coating, it is an integral part of the paint coating.Most people should be more familiar with it, because we are not home or float subsequently people decorate.The front see online a lot of people are asked about the issues of the anti-corrosion coatings,Some people asked: what is the testing standard of anticorrosion coating, how to detect?Here small make up to you to introduce about anticorrosive coatings, hope to help you.

Anti-corrosion coatings are divided into conventional anti-corrosion coatings with heavy-duty coating, each have their own features.Conventional anticorrosive coatings can make metal normally does not corrode, prolong the life time of the metal.And heavy-duty coating can under the condition of easy corrosion environment and the effect is more durable.So the anti-corrosion coating in our China life utilization rate is very high.

What is the specific characteristics of anti-corrosion coatings? Believe this question a lot of people is not very specific.

One, anticorrosive coating can be used in corrosive environment, and can keep things not corrode.Say specific point is the construction of cross-sea bridge, for example, in the water the harsh conditions, the piers of metal coated with anticorrosive coating, it can make the use time of metal extended 10 or more years of above.Here is what we call the harsh environment in chemical atmosphere or ocean environment.

Two, thick film has a very strict standard. The thick film standard for general anticorrosive materials is around 100 μm or 150 μm.And heavy-duty coating will be in more than 300 μm or more. Within the scope of this standard, its antiseptic effect is best.

Three, anticorrosive coatings is very efficient and convenient to use and the use method is very flexible.When use temperature is not very low in more than 20 degrees, humidity under the condition of same, its fixed-line very fast.General can be coated with a day or two for the implementation of other projects, such as handling or cutting.Some anticorrosive coatings can also be used together with other industrial marine boat paint, improve the efficiency of our construction.

The detection methods of anticorrosion coating:

One,coating adhesion test: coating adhesion as the name suggests is stronger than anticorrosive coating adhesion on the material.We can take small knives scraping in material surface or smooth, look at the result.General method for determination of the coating adhesion is guoquan, row lattice, method, etc.

Two, film thickness detection: small make up front has mentioned about the standard of thick film:  the thick film standard of general anti-corrosion materials is about 100μm or 150μm.And heavy-duty coating will be in more than 300 microns or more.Within the scope of this standard, its antiseptic effect is best.So after detecting modular is very important. Measurement method is divided into destructive and non-destructive testing two kinds of methods.Using these two methods to test whether the thickness in the standard range.
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