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Dealers sign up for a contract! The annual growth rate is 30%!

According to the latest information from the Coatings Purchase Network, on April 12, the Jiangsu Jinling Special Coatings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jinling Jinling”) dealer conference was successfully held.
33 years ago, thank you for making Jinling Fenggongyeye, 33 sets Chunhuaqiushi, years of songs and then write magnificent poems. In the spring of 2018, when we warmed up and renewed, we gathered together, summed up the past and planned for the future, for a win-win situation, and to jointly discuss development plans.
According to the coating procurement network, at the distributor meeting, 25 dealers signed up for the contract on the day of the meeting.

According to Dai Haixiong, chairman of Jiangsu Jinling Group, in the future development process, Jinling, Jiangsu will adopt high incentives, high demands, high pressure, new culture, new mechanisms, new style of work, and new appearances to require every Jinling person. Through comprehensive reforms such as organizational reforms, management reforms, institutional reforms, remuneration reforms, and performance reforms, Jiangsu Jinling’s soft power has been enhanced, and Jiangsu Jinling’s operational capabilities have been enhanced.

Talents, technology, cost, quality, channels, and services are the foundation for Jiangsu Jinling to be based on the coatings industry. In the future development process, Jiangsu Jinling will continue to make efforts to create the first brand of national anti-corrosion coatings and build China's industrial coatings. Three strong. The company has tripled its strength for three years and strives to increase by 30% annually. President Dai Haixiong’s passionate speech infects everyone on the scene.

According to the coating procurement network, in 2017, thanks to the industrialization of graphene water-based heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings and the benefits of large-scale petrochemical projects, Jinling Coatings achieved a 55% year-on-year increase, exceeding the growth target of 30%. Directors Long Dai Haixiong won the Jiangdu District Governor Quality Award in Yangzhou City and won the gold medal awarded by the District Governor.
In 2018, Jinling’s growth target was 30%. The goal in 2019 is still 30%.
In accordance with the compound annual growth rate of more than 30%, Jinling plans to double in three years in 2016.
Environmental protection storms and supply-side reforms have eliminated many small enterprises with backward production capacities and provided unprecedented opportunities for development to real-world science and technology-rich paint companies.

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