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Create high-end waterborne wood paint brand, create a better home

In green environmental protection concept becomes the contemporary of mankind theme, when a lot of people are choosing home to install coating, can be inclined to choose environmental protection coating more, for instance the choice of floor coating paint, a lot of people can choose waterborne wood implement lacquer.Why? On the one hand, the decoration effect is very good, which can present a kind of natural wooden texture. The construction process is also very simple, and the overall effect after the project is completed is very high-end.On the other hand, the composition of waterborne wood lacquer accords with environmental protection standard more, the flavour that won't produce stimulation in the home after decorating, bring hidden trouble to human body health.

Waterborne wood lacquer has been the mainstream of the decoration industry, the next few years will also usher in a good development space,when owner people is choosing floor lacquer, also should be good at distinguishing the stand or fall of the product and true and false, lest bought false and inferior product, cause a threat to the health of family member.

As is known to all, the quality of the decoration coating will greatly affect the decoration effect and the health of the family, so many owners pay special attention to the choice of the brand,They know very well that only a product developed and produced by a formal manufacturer can guarantee the quality of the product.At present, the public on the market is relatively familiar with one of the top ten environmental coating paint suppliers brands: Kailin paint brand, is the high-end brand.

Kailin paint is developed and produced by Kailin Advanced Material Co.,Ltd. After 20 years of polishing and improvement, the product quality has become more mature and reliable.Kailin water paint's products have passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification successively, and the products have reached the British WRAS standard. Besides, they have passed the testing of European Union SGS and German TUV, and they are in a competitive position with international brands.

The architectural decoration paint under Kailin is water as diluent, no matter be in construction process, still decorate finish, won't produce exciting flavour, still can reduce the VOCs content in atmosphere effectively, improve indoor environment thereby, bring comfortable life environment.Of course, of the house decorate fastidious environmental protection not only, and also want to notice adornment result. The floor paint film is plump, crystal clear, natural in color and clear in texture, which brings a kind of visual enjoyment.And still can choose the wooden implement lacquer of different tonal undertakes decorating, make the decoration style that oneself likes as one wishes.
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