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Cleaning, color matching, space, protective paint 4 major problems resolved

Paint Coating adornment effect is good, and besmear is brushed rise more convenient also, because this got many family like. So how to choose paint colors? How should the metope after paint besmear brush clean again? ...... Below small make up from clean, match color, space, protect this 4 Angle, explain the relevant knowledge of paint for everybody.

"Cleanliness" makes the walls unafraid of dirt

For office workers, cleaning is a way to avoid nightmares, at least properly cleaning within sight. Designers say that as long as the wall is clean enough, half the problem will be solved first. But traditional painting composition is not environmental protection, and the antibacterial antifouling effect, less often brush first a few months, began to appear a east and west walls a piece of dirt, is always difficult to avoid children touch the wall walk, pet rubbing up against the wall, turn on the light touch the side wall, etc., if you can't wipe off, sometimes too hard, even the anti-fouling paint rubbed down together.Want to save trouble to arrange easily, choose good quality paint is the first step, and had better have easy clean function, make metope paint film forms protective layer, insulate dirt to adhere to, with the stroke or dip in tomato sauce, lipstick, take dishcloth to match cleaner, brush gently become clean, reduce housewife clean burden.

"Color match" magic makeup on the wall

Schoolgirl lets oneself be more beautiful through making up, the space can use colour, let reside the home to look big different.Traditional match color law, habit space USES lily white paint from beginning to end, saying is clean save to spend time to think collocation, but too slant yellow, pass lamplight illuminate, easy look dim, just brush a bit old old immediately in the home, little new home feeling. Hope more abundant life that occupy the home, again afraid selection error, can maintain the white ceiling, but the best choose pure white, with another kind of color processing, form the main visual, simple version, please choose, white * pale pinkish grey pink, white, white x grass green, etc., premium can join hold pillow, curtain, carpet, furniture and other similar color, let a space appear colorful, dynamic feeling.

"Space" color adds points to your home

Because of budget consideration, choosing a house is very headache, the price is satisfied the space is not ideal, the house is very perfect however big overspend, need to transform the space at this time secret move. Stylist says paint is householder people best good partner really, especially the pattern is not square, flat number is restricted, old house refit, mezzanine, long and narrow house is waited a moment, want color to choose right, can undertake perfect modified art.
Take small family most often chooses 90 to occupy the home for example, deduct public establishment, indoor area is left with 60 to be about, give priority to with open mode plan more, still can match actually light color department paint, include the earth color such as shallow khaki, cocoa, feel warmth to build vast extend feeling at the same time, let colour form function area to define. If you want to create a Nordic style, it is recommended to choose neutral tones such as gray and light blue, so as to make the spatial vision more crisp and high.

"Protect" the protective paint for the wall

Summer weather is changeable, it rains often air moisture taste, even more bitterly cold winter, water is still not refund, no matter new homes or house, if the sun is not appearance, sunlight hours, less easily in window edge, corner by the door, bathroom wall found mold, wall loss problem, how to solve, should pay attention to start from pick to paint.Should accord with environmental protection regulation of course, do not add formaldehyde, heavy metal harm material.
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