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Can exterior wall paint be used to paint interior walls?

There are many kinds of exterior wall coatings, which can be divided into strong acid and alkali resistant exterior wall coating, pure acrylic elastic exterior wall coating, organic silicon self-cleaning elastic exterior wall coating, high acrylic exterior wall coating, fluorocarbon coating, low carbon series.Generally, exterior wall acrylic paint is used in the outdoor, so must take into account the aging resistance, color retention, high hiding power, but do not consider formaldehyde content too much, can add formaldehyde preservative normally, (because national standard does not ask exterior wall to forbid to contain formaldehyde material), or alcohol ether kind solvent.

Inside, exterior wall emulsioni paint has respective special requirement, its are used extensively at besmear brushs building exterior face, so more important an index is to resist ultraviolet ray illuminate, requirement achieves long-term illuminate not to change color.Exterior wall coating also requires water resistance, self - cleaning requirements. Exterior wall coating can be used for interior wall coating because it also has water resistance.And interior wall lacquer is used at indoor metope stucco, the requirement that fights ultraviolet ray compares exterior wall lacquer actually low much.

Emulsioni paint of interior wall is opposite the performance requirement that is able to be swabbed is tall, dirtied metope more easily in household life, can use water to wipe at any time.The outer wall requires water resistance and self - cleaning.Epoxy zinc-rich primer film wants hard, level off, filth is washed quickly drop.The flexibility of lacquer of interior and exterior wall is very important, have flexibility to be able to prevent the craze that causes as a result of temperature, climate change.Exterior wall lacquer can be used at exterior wall besmear brushs use because it also has waterproof performance, and interior wall lacquer does not have the function that fights bask in however, cannot use besmear brushs exterior wall so, but expert proposal, still be special and special had better.

The exterior wall paint can be used to paint the interior wall, such as the bathroom and other damp places. However, the exterior wall paint may not take formaldehyde into account too much, it also has no easy wiping and other functions required by interior wall alkyd amino paint.Accordingly, suggest everybody still does not want to be greedy temporarily cheap, and choose exterior wall paint to undertake interior paint.Although can carcinogenic has not been verified, but it is worth affirming that the formaldehyde content of exterior wall paint than interior wall paint, so the damage to the human body is greater.
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