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Buy high temperature anticorrosive coating matters needing attention

The user that buys to use anticorrosive coating is not coating industry after all, especially high chlorinated polyethylene anticorrosion paint, be like to lie between mountains, to the identification of anticorrosive coating is not very good, summarize now, it is a kind of reference to the person that buys anticorrosive coating.Everybody knows anticorrosive paint, can brush the equipment that is outdoors and material prevent acid rain and be able to bear aging action, but the environment such as special acid-base cannot use common paint, need USES special anticorrosive coating.Like 1032 strong oxidation resistance anticorrosive coating, suitable for coating and brushing in heavy corrosion environment. Special anticorrosive coating is not a general anticorrosive paint, special anticorrosive coating has strong acid and alkali resistance, strong solvent resistance, intermediate, high temperature resistance grease and heat resistance and high temperature resistance special function of anticorrosive coating.

Corrosion resistance to concentrated hydrochloric acid and concentrated sulfuric acid corrosion can not use the same kind of special anticorrosive coating, although both are strong acid corrosion, but the corrosion mechanism is different, protection anticorrosion requires different principles zhisheng anticorrosive coating as protection.Corrosion prevention is a comprehensive project, there are many aspects of parameters need to be selected and screened. Anticorrosion in special environment, as far as the current technology and product level, there is not a kind of anticorrosion coating can solve all the problems of anticorrosion, but can only take the way of "the right medicine" for the specific choice. Therefore, it is more important to know the cause of corrosion and the purpose of corrosion prevention. Buy anti corrosion paint will do that according to the type and nature of corrosive medium, and the purpose of corrosion protection, combined with special anticorrosive coatings suppliers product introduction, determine the varieties of anti-corrosion coatings and construction technology, with special anticorrosive coatings necessary production and technical personnel to communicate, to correct selection of varieties of special coatings and construction technology.

When buying special anticorrosive coating, should consider the following factors commonly :(1), whether there is special acid-base medium, this is the fundamental of special anticorrosive coating. (2), coating on the stability of the corrosive medium, in view of the special cause of corrosion, choose anti-corrosion coatings should be stable for a long time, the special anticorrosive coatings can be used in harsh conditions, and with long-term anti-corrosion life, can use commonly 10 or 15 years, even in the acid, alkali, salt and solvent medium, and under the condition of a certain temperature, also can use more than 5 years. Zs-711 inorganic anticorrosive coating can be continuously anticorrosive in sea water for more than 20 years, truly achieving the characteristics of high performance and long life. (3) coating dosage and coating thickness, coating thickness is different, coating dosage is also different. General paint coating dry film thickness to 100 microns or 150 microns, relative to general paint, special anticorrosive coatings dry film thickness to 200 microns or 300 microns, heavy anticorrosive paint to 500 microns to 1000 microns, even up to 2000 microns, special paint zs-1042 desulphurization special anticorrosive paint coating thickness to 10,000 microns.(4) suitable physical and mechanical properties. So the requirements, such as the high temperature paint, wear resistant is ZS - 811 high temperature resistant anticorrosive coatings and heat-resistant reached 2300 ℃, impact abrasion resistance, and other functions, using a very wide range, high customer recognition, etc.

The main difference between special anticorrosive coatings and general anticorrosive coatings is that their technical content is high and the technical difficulty of acid and alkali resistance is great.Involving technological progress and product development, which is no longer overly dependent on paint knowledge and experience,Domestic special anticorrosive coatings mostly it depends on the electronics, physical, ecological, machinery, equipment and management, and other multi-disciplinary knowledge and intersection, technology comes from high resistant resin synthesis, the application of highly efficient dispersant and rheological additives, the development of new corrosion permeability pigment and filler, advanced and special test equipment and other supporting measures.

Kailin Advanced Material Co.,Ltd. Research and development and production of special anticorrosive coatings is a long time, ZS series of special anticorrosive coatings varieties, multiple series of varieties, used in different special anticorrosive environment.
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