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After brush a wall how long can you live after brush a wall how to maintain

Nowadays the home installs hot be in vogue, a lot of families begin to decorate to oneself afresh, the paint coating of metope nature also wants.But brush wall coating is numerous now, contain harmful chemical material also not little, friends do not know how long can you live after brush wall? After brush a wall how should metope maintain again?

When can I stay after painting

Usually, when the wall paint is finished, it takes two days to dry and no volatile organic compounds are released.However, if there are pregnant women or children in the home, ventilation for a month before moving in.

Always ventilate after living and let air circulate.Place some aloe vera, spider orchid, cactus and other plants in the room.In the room of 8~10 square metre put a basin of condole orchid can have the effect that air purifies; Aloe vera absorbs odors and lasts a long time.

Maintenance method after brush wall

After the construction of wall marine boat paint, attention should be paid to take appropriate measures to protect.A lot of metope rework is because after metope paint is brushed, do not pay attention to defend cause.Below look, after metope lacquer is constructed, what measure needs to take to undertake protecting.

1. Tear off the masking tape in time

After the completion of the wall paint painting, should be used to color separation, protection and other purposes of the cover paper tear off.If wait for metope lacquer to dry again processing, can bring next metope lacquer, cause lacquer face to be short of piece.

2. Don't touch and dirty the wall paint before drying

Freshly painted wall paint must be protected.Should close door window before paint of metope paint is done not have a watch to dry (decorate effect graph), prevent touch, must not lean against a wall to stand put tool such as spade.Rely on a wall article good wait for a few days to put back in place, can scratch the metope otherwise, or leave apparent black mark.Also do not be in a hurry to clean the floor so as not to smear the wall paint.

3. Pay attention to ventilation after the paint on the wall is dry

Open the doors and Windows after the wall paint is dry and keep fully ventilated.Winter is in metope lacquer drying process, if indoor temperature is too low, can affect film result, should take necessary measure to increase temperature to undertake protecting to metope lacquer, in order to make it can become film better.

4. Protect the wall when placing heavy furniture

The bed (decorate effect graph), chest (decorate effect graph) wait for large and bulky furniture is in move, when putting, should keep a distance with the wall, or undertake proper protection to the wall, in order to prevent blow, bump to metope lacquer.

5. Pay attention to waterproof and high temperature paint

Try not to splash water directly on the wall or the wall to avoid contaminating the paint.Or because immerse for long time causes metope lacquer to rise. Do not be too metope with open flame, stay away from lampblack as far as possible.

How long can I stay after painting? How to maintain after brush wall? Everybody knows that.In order to oneself and the jia kang of the family, after decorating a room must much ventilated, wait until the smell disperses after checking in.When choosing besmear, can define the product of different brand more understanding, good brand quality can have more safeguard.
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