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8 common problems with home decoration and painting

New home just is decorated how to let a person look how comfortable, but passed a period of time, whether did your home appear this kind of condition,for example: cracks in the wall, paint dry, loss of luster and other issues?Everybody knows paint construction most troublesome, the problem that should notice also is very much.Below small make up for everybody summary some paint coating common problem, hope some help to you!

1. Peeling paint

Perhaps the surface is too smooth. If the original paint is varnish or powder (add untreated color paste paint), the new paint will not stick to the surface.It could be rotten wood or metal with rust spots, or peeling from bad paint.The paint of small area is flaked, can polish with fine sandpaper first, wipe next putty, brush on primer, repaint again.Large areas of peeling paint must be removed and repainted.

2. Paint blistering

Above all, will bubble puncture, if have water to come out, explain to have moisture to infiltrate below or behind lacquer layer namely, classics sun is basked, moisture evaporate steam, can jack up lacquer skin to become bubble.At this point, remove the blistering marine boat paint with the hot air spray gun, let the wood dry naturally, then brush the primer, and finally repaint the entire surface.If there is no water in the bubble, it is possible that the wood grain cracks, there is a small amount of air, through the sun, air expansion, paint on the bulging.Face this kind of circumstance, scrape off bubble lacquer skin first, fill with resinous filler fill flat crack, repaint, or need not fill, after scraping lacquer skin, besmear on microhole lacquer directly.

3. Cracks appear

This kind of circumstance wants to use chemical to remove lacquer agent or hot air spray gun to remove lacquer hind, reapply lacquer again.If break range is not big, at this time can use arenaceous grind piece or dry wet amphibious sand paper to touch water, grind the paint that breaks, after the surface is sanded smooth, wipe on putty, brush on primer, and repaint.

4. Paint flow

Paint brush too thick once, can cause to flow namely.Can take advantage of the paint is not dry, brush paint to open, if the paint has begun to dry, then want to wait for its dry, with fine sandpaper to polish the high temperature paint surface smooth, brush the surface clean, and then wipe with a wet cloth, and then re-painted the outer layer, pay attention not to brush too thick.

5, Blotch

There are many reasons for the stain on the paint surface.For example: the moisture in emulsioni paint dissolves the material of the wall and rust gives lacquer face, the metope that wipes with steel velour can produce rusty spot, the dark pipe inside the wall leakage appears stain spot to wait.To prevent blotch, can brush the primer that contains aluminium powder first, if already appeared blotch, can remove emulsioni paint of blotch place first, brush the primer that contains aluminium powder after, go up again lacquer.

6. Mildew and discoloration

This kind of problem happens in wet paint surface more, if water vapor condenses in glass or metal surface, can produce brown black stain spot often.At this point available fungicides, according to the instructions of the instructions to deal with moldy parts, until the mold killed, clean the surface, and then re-painted.

7. Lose luster

The cause is not on primer, or primer and inner paint did not dry on varnish directly, the result of varnish is absorbed by the wood and lose luster.The quality of varnish is also a factor. Use dry and wet sandpaper to rub off the old paint, brush off the dust, clean the surface with a clean wet cloth, and then re-brush the paint.It is important to note that paint in very low temperatures, paint film after drying, may also lose luster.

8. Wrinkled paint film

It is usually caused by the second brush after the first paint is not dry.At this time the solvent in the lower coat will affect the upper paint film, so that it wrinkle.This circumstance can use chemical to remove mercury agent or heating method to remove the paint film that corrugate, repaint.Remember, must wait for the first time paint dry after, can go up the second time.
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