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5 ways to paint your choice

In domestic outfit, paint is very important still, if paint is used inferior what affect beautiful not only, still can bring injury to the body.Good paint will make our home look tall and healthy.So, does the home install with what paint coating good? Here's a look at the top 5 ways to choose your paint.

Method 1: look for environmental product labels

When choosing paint, it is to need to see environmental protection product mark, can see all sorts of certificate to look is healthy environmental protection product.The expert reminds consumer, as the country is right to packaging standardization, healthy environmental protection product packing has China environmental protection product attestation mark, this is the country most rigorous attestation mark.Qualified paint products will have a third party testing agency issued by the test report, consumers can ask merchants and identify this test report.

Method 2: compare transparency

There are many types and brands of marine boat paint on the market now, and many brand shops offer sample products.Consumer observes the diaphaneity of model, diaphaneity tall paint burnish moving, can protrude show lumber natural grain more, can decorate woodwork very well, let woodwork more exquisite and beautiful.And those paint that the surface sends white model affirmation is inferior product.

Method 3: mark the sample

If the paint is relatively good, the scratch resistance and hardness are relatively good, so that it is not easy to be scratched, can play a good protection for wood.Consumer can try to use fingernail or paper to stroke back and forth in the surface of model, good paint surface is smooth do not damage, and the paint with low hardness can appear apparent fine Nick, affect the beautiful of woodwork and life.

Method 4: sample sample

In fact, paint can also feel out, good paint solid content, feel plump, delicate and smooth board,and inferior paint because solid content is low, although besmear is brushed many times still feel paint film is brittle thin, the architectural decoration paint that contains impurity still can have apparent grain feeling.

Method 5: specific resistance to yellow

Resistance to yellowing is an important indicator of paint performance, and resistance to yellowing and poor paint results in furniture discoloration and aging, which is particularly evident in white and light paint.In the intense ultraviolet irradiation under two types of paint, the quality of the worse paint yellow the faster.
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