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3 ways to paint and share tips

Paint is the common adornment material in domestic outfit, its construction is convenient, effect is quick, can add colour to interior space not only, and still can have the effect that protects metope.The construction method of architectural decoration paint is also a variety of, mainly three, hand brush paint, spray paint and roller brush paint. Here's a detailed look at these three methods and techniques.

Methods and techniques of painting one: Method of hand brush paint

Apply to ceiling, metope, iron window baluster, brush wool immerses the height of half in paint before lacquer, if worry brush wool is stained with paint overmuch, can be in paint canister edge is patted gently, just won't have drop paint, droop phenomenon when construction.The brush handle is held between the thumb and forefinger when painting, and the brush is slightly bent by the force applied by the fingertips to obtain a better brush effect.Brush from the unpainted part to the part that has been brushed. Avoid repeated brushing for the part that has not been painted.The advantage is easy to control the brush force, less consumables consumption, and not easy to stain adjacent equipment, the disadvantage is obvious brush mark.

Methods and techniques for painting two: Roller painting

Apply to the wall and ceiling of the polyurea coating, although the roller than brush time, but according to the roller surface or roughness, will produce different lines, brush mark is also more uneven.Select the appropriate size of the roller, and avoid the use of oil paint, roller coating is not difficult.Roll the roller into the paint tray before painting, and turn it slightly so that it is covered with paint.Paint in the form of broken line, M, W or inverted N rolling up and down, fill the blank evenly. Advantage is to have hand to make sense, quite suit DIY, drawback is brush mark is apparent, paint film is thicker also more consumable.

Methods and techniques of painting three: Spray method

Apply to large area of space, indoor furniture or the place that sundry is less, or the thing inside is wrapped properly, lest be by drift lacquer dye.During the construction, the spray gun and the wall keep vertical and parallel move, and as far as possible maintain the same swing speed, can avoid the problem of thinner and uneven fireproof paint for steel locally.The advantage is the film surface smooth texture is good, and save time and effort, the drawback is the dead corner is not easy to spray paint, collision is relatively easy to produce impact.
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