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Kailin Advanced Material Co.,Ltd.(china factory Jiangsu Jinling Special Coatings Co., Ltd original name Yangzhou Maydos Jinling Special Paint Co., Ltd.), whose predecessor is Yangzhou Jinling Special Coatings Factory, is one of those earliest enterprises all over the country specialized in the production of special anti-corrosive, high-temperature resistant, fire-retardant, industrial floor and oil tank static transmitting coatings, cool plastic insulation paints and emulsion coatings for internal and external walls, which is integrated of scientific research, production, marketing and construction into an economic entity, has been equipped with four automated production lines and has an annual production capacity up to 20,000 tons. The main products include now more than 200 varieties in 28 major categories.

There is a scientific research center established in the company, which has established and kept good and long-term cooperation relationship with such advanced scientific research institutes and higher learning institutions as Shanghai Coatings Research Institute, Construction Research Institute, Yangzhou University and National Coatings Research Institute. Accredited to be "High- & New-Tech Enterprise in Jiangsu Province" early in 2003, this company has owned a number of product invention patents and was recognized to be "Yangzhou Special Anti-corrosive Coating Engineering Research Center" and "Yangzhou Enterprise Technical Center" by the Yangzhou Municipal Government in 2007 and has participated in the preparation of the national standard《Code for Anticorrosion Design of Industrial Constructions》and in the preparation of the multi-industrial standards《Anti-corrosive coatings for building steel structure》,《Zinc-rich Paints》and《Industrial Floor Coatings》. 

This company has been appraised one after another to be "Top 20 of the Anti-corrosive Manufacturing Enterprises in the Country", "Quality Products Manufacturer of Anti-corrosive Coatings Manufacturing Enterprises in the Country", "Ten Best Anti-corrosive Product Enterprises in Good Faith" and "Excellent Brand of Anti-corrosive Coatings in the Country" from 2002 up till now, and was awarded to be "Innovative Enterprise in Management Modernization in the Anti-corrosive Industry all over the Country" in 2008. The anti-corrosion project of the Division No. 158 (Guiyang) of the Product Oil Storage Depot of the National Reserve Bureau undertaken by this company was assessed to be an Excellent Anti-Corrosion Project All over the Country and the static transmitting coating for metal oil tanks developed and produced in this company is assessed to be a fine quality anti-corrosive product in the country.    

Covering an area of more than 20,000 square meters, staffed with professional technical persons in various specialties, including more than 30 engineers, equipped with advanced production processes and stabilized in product quality, this company has obtained certification of the ISO9001 International Quality Management System, the ISO14001 International Environment Management System, the OHSAS18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems and the China Classification Society.

Through rapid development for many years, this company has accumulated rich experience and high-level technologies in production of special coatings, has owned a strong sense of innovation and has possessed a powerful research & development capability, thus having grown into the greatest manufacturer of special coatings in the country and having been recognized to be a high- & new-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, in which there are 2-3 newly developed products accredited to be high- & new-tech products in the country every year. 

This company has now many key projects under construction, including such large-sized iron & steel companies as the Baosteel Group Co., Panzhihua Iron & Steel Corporation, LY Steel, Xiangtan Iron & Steel Group Co., Angang Steel Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Shagang Group, such reconstruction & expansion projects as the Divisions No.252, 158, 353 and 734 of the National Product Oil Storage Depot, Zhejiang Petroleum Corp, Product Oil Pipeline of Jiangsu Petroleum Corp and Xuzhou Pipeline Bureau and such Foreign Aid Projects as Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd., Yangzi Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Jinzhou Petrochemical Company, Jiangxi Xinghuo Organic Silicon General Factory, Daqing Oil Field, Zhejiang Juhua Group Corporation, Changshu Power Plant, Sanmenxia Power Plant, Sichuan Oriental Turbine Factory, Leshan Electric Power Polycrystalline Silicon Project, No.15 Metallurgical Construction Co., Ltd., No.5 Metallurgical Construction Co., Ltd., Baoshan Metallurgical Construction Co., Ltd., Zambia, Myanmar and Brazil.

Adhering to the principle of "Professional Devotion, Attentive Services, Beyond Expectation and Making of Success", this company will advance with the times, open up constantly and strive to create a No.1 brand in the anti-corrosive coating industry in the country.